Why professional panoramas?

These and more questions will surely be shared with many people.
Nowadays it is so easy and easy to capture attractive panoramas with almost any camera.
Why so much noise about an obviously simple technique. The camera does it all!
Well, the answer is not as easy as you might think.
most of today's popular cameras take good panoramic photos ...
can these really meet professional demands?
in most cases not.
Alone by the fact that there is more than one kind of panorama.
- Cylindrical panoramas
Here the observer stands in the center of an imaginary cylinder, in which the object to be represented was projected onto the inner wall. The projection thus takes place horizontally in the full circle, ie 360 ​​° the vertical viewing angle is determined by the lens used.
- Spherical panoramas
Here, the viewer stands in the center of an imaginary sphere, in which the object to be displayed was also projected onto the inner wall. Now, however, the projection is horizontal in the full circle, so 360 ° and the vertical angle is 180 ° (we can not look behind us)
- Cubic panorama
Now our viewer stands in the center of a cube, on whose insides the object is projected. It also creates a projection as in the spherical panorama.
- Aerial panoramic views
They are actually only a special form of the spherical panoramas, which can be created with the help of a so-called camera drone at almost every possible (legal regulations and flight safety in particular!) Location.
As you will surely have recognized yourself, for professional panoramas that are not intended for your own photo book, there is no way around professional know-how!

I create panoramas that meet your individual requirements 100%

- Printable in the meter range by
  correspondingly high image resolution
- Further processable for "virtual tours"
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