Examples of virtual tours:

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Virtual tours

Today virtual tours are barely dispensable elements of an impressive presentation.

Due to the 360 ​​° all-round view, they offer impressive experiences for your website visitors. Realistic scenarios generate trust and invite the visitor to explore all areas of the tour. This can not be achieved with a photo. The length of stay of the visitors will increase significantly and the recognition value increases. The integration of a virtual tour into existing websites is very easy and can be done by any webmaster. If required, we are happy to assist.


Possible components of a virtual tour:

- The integration of  image
  and video sequences

-Information boards
 (e.g., menus /  opening hours, etc.)

- Personalized hotspots

- Integration of the company logo etc.

- Background music (possibly
  licensing necessary)

- Animation of static image parts
  (e.g., replace Viedo sequences
  static fire, etc.)

- Installation of picture galleries /
  slide shows

- Integration of floor plans / maps with
  navigation elements

Areas of application are especially:

- Travel agencies

- Hotel and Hospitality

- Tourism Marketing- Marketing in general

- real estate industry
  (especially high-quality real estate)

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